HES 19

The latest results of research and industrial development activities in the field of:

Induction, Conduction, Dielectric, Microwaves Heating and EPM (Electromagnetic Processing)

will be presented and discussed by researchers, international experts and engineers from industry.


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Papers on research developments and applications in the suggested topics or other latest research developments are solicited.

Main Topics

  1. Heating of metal billets, strips and wires
  2. Heat treatments of metals
  3. Melting of metals
  4. MHD problems in metallurgical processes
  5. EM stirring, casting, shaping, forming, levitation
  6. Modelling for electromagnetic processing
  7. Modern power supply
  8. Microwaves and RF Modelling and Processing
  9. Processes for new and innovative products
  10. Biomedical Applications
  11. Food Industry Applications
  12. Sensors and actuators in electroheat processes
  13. Optimization and process control
  14. Electroheating technologies and climate change
  15. Plasma technologies

Official Language: English