Since 1998, every three years the Department of Industrial Engineering organizes the International Conference HES, Heating by Electromagnetic Sources, at Padua (Italy).

The next one will be organized in May 22-24,  2019.

In this new edition of HES conference we will celebrate twenty years of HES and old attendees are solicited to bring their own experience in a special session for sharing it with young people and new attendees.

The main topics of HES are:

  • Heating of metal billets, strips and wires
  • Heat treatments of metals
  • Melting of metals
  • MHD problems in metallurgical processes
  • EM stirring, casting, shaping, forming, levitation
  • Modeling for electromagnetic processing
  • Modern power supply
  • Microwaves and RF Modeling and Processing
  • Processes for new and innovative products
  • Biomedical Applications
  • Sensors and actuators in the electroheat process
  • Optimization and process control
  • Electroheating technologies and climate change
  • Plasma technologies